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brand Hillary wants me to make phone calls

February 11, 2008

hillary.png This reflects nothing about who I am supporting in the presidential election (more so that Sen. Clinton’s campaign office is close to my house), but I got this from her campaign today. The good old fashioned call out the vote model is alive and well in presidential campaigning. I signed up to get the instructions (not sure why they couldn’t just give them to me now) for conducting my own Hillary phone campaigning program, but I anticipate it’s going to be just a list and some form to report my progress. I’ll report back on that. This is where some forward-thinking tech like Vonage, GrandCentral or Skype should be jumping in to create a gigantic virtual call center and thereby proving the scalability of their product and jumping on the slipstream of the dominant news cycle issues between now and November. I need to call O’Reilly about that book “Presidential Campaigning Hacks” that I’ve been thinking about writing.