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60-second brand discovery: follow the money

February 1, 2008

Met with an interesting startup the other day who was looking for a product manager type. Whether you’re looking for a job or meeting a potential client for the first time, I’m reminded that the most effective way to get to the heart of any organization’s authentic brand is to start with the simple, “how do you make money?” question. Working in public relations and advertising there was always a feeling you’re being crass to ask such a direct question first. It’s the same reason media pitching p.r. pros don’t like being compared to sales pros. It’s all a transaction folks, so when you’re logging your (sometime non-billable) time in 0.25 hr increments doesn’t it make sense to find the fastest path to get the information you need? We tend to want to talk about the client’s aspirational brand attributes when all that is merely whipped cream on the meatball, as Seth Godin would say, if the money flows in a completely different direction.