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April 7, 2008

Restarting the Physical Activity Regimen

April 7, 2008

Tomorrow I fire back up the Nike+ system I used only three times last August. I’ve got no excuses to get the beach muscles tuned and ready for hot summer days. Since August I am truly impressed with how many new things are out for Nike+. Some arm band thing, a bunch of continuous workouts with coaching and not on iTunes and I’m ready for the road again. At least until dinner. Joe’s Pizza buffet is tomorrow night too.

Nike+ Hall of Shame Email

February 14, 2008

Hall of Shame

Originally uploaded by The Brand Barry

Did Nike see I had no Nike+ activity since August or did they just figure this is the time of year people dump their resolutions to be more active? Either way, they have me searching for my little Nike+ adapter for my Apple iPod Nano. Yeah, that’s my excuse… I can’t find it.