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Internet-based research: great for most things but sucks for opinion polling?

May 5, 2008

Colleague Doug Usher @ Widmeyer Communications, and guest blogger at, sees internet-based research eating the lunch of phone or mail-based research on many fronts, but not yet on public opinion polling.  I don’t think he’s not a believer in the ability of the tool to capture the information cost effectively (maybe he is?), but Doug really sees it falling short in getting to the people who need to be guagued (e.g. those in a certain district).  Digital marketeers might immediately jump to their favorite social network to think they can reach the respondents, but are you going to get the range of demographics you need in the geographies you want?  I myself thought, “well Doug, you can just run a social ad and survey on Facebook which allows you to target the geography, age, etc.” but when I just tried it for where I live it was clearly evident the 50+ age group was severely underrepresented, and don’t they love to vote?

How can we make internet-based research more effective for public opinion polling?


Facebook Chat holds promise

April 25, 2008

Facebook adds ChatAlways love to see a new feature pop-up on whatever site or tool I’m using.  As many know by now, Facebook recently added chat to built-in functionality.  I haven’t pushed it far in terms of looking for features I now expect in IM services (send file, embed links, etc.), but integration with my friends on FB is pretty nice thing to have.  One feature I went looking for right-away was bringing in your other IM services (AIM, Yahoo, MSN) which it doesn’t seem to have yet.  Only a matter of time I guess.  Oh look, I’m Mobilediner wants to have lunch next week.  See… it works!

links for 2008-03-31

March 31, 2008
  • In addition to learning what people are searching for with Google Trends, it’s good to know what terms are being competed for in a paid environment. Google’s AdWords control panel allows you estimate your spend commitments before moving forward.
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  • Compliment Google AdWords coverage with the other leading advertising network, Microsoft’s Adcenter
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  • Setting up a hub for your public health campagn is easier than ever with free hosted blog services. WordPress is among the favorites because of it’s flexibility and extensions that can be added to it. Another benefit is that if you need more customizatio
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  • Why store your photos on your web site, when you can publish and manage them on the most popular image sharing site around. Create a Flickr account and simply reference these images on your web site or you can blog photos directly from Flickr.
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  • What Flickr is to photos, YouTube is to videos. The top place to share this type of media. There are other sites that offer more customization and better encoding but the eyeballs are found mostly here, which is also owned by Google.
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  • Think of it as a companion to YouTube. If you want to provide contextual information layers on top of your videos (or someone else’s) you can do that right here on The annotation tools are kinda cute for the most part, but you can add some c
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  • Among tops in the voting format sites, Digg is a place where you can vote for stories of interest and add buttons to your site pages so people can vote for them in just a few clicks.
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  • If you’re going to have any video our audio content on a regular basis then iTunes is a must-have place to register it. YouTube is great for occasional videos but if you want people to be able to see your stuff on their favorite portable audio devices (t
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  • The fastest growing of profile based social networks, Facebook is becoming the great aggregator of many Web 2.0 sites, allowing you to create applications that members can install on your profile and share with friends. You can also create groups and fan
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  • Free and extremely extensible, Google Analytics provides superior but yet easy to use traffic analytics so you know where people are coming from and what they’re doing on your site, blog, or different content on various networks.
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LinkedIn launches mobile app, umm… WAPified version

March 24, 2008

I really like what Facebook has done with their Blackberry application. First, it’s a real application. It leverages all the inherent functionality of your device. I don’t need to be connected to use it (on a plane, subway, etc.). And the real test — I could almost live without the full experience on the Web and still get a lot of use from Facebook on just the mobile version.

So now we have LinkedIn entering the game with their mobile application. I’m getting ready to download a new app to my blackberry, but no. Oh, LinkedIn is giving me a URL. Must be to get download the app from there directly to the unit — awsome. Can’t wait. Ugh. Hey, there is no application. It’s just a stripped down Web page version. Looks pretty on iPhone but pretty bland on Blackberry (or any non iPhone I suspect). Plus it’s slow as a new bottle of Heinz Ketchup in a mobile browser (as is any mobile web based app). There’s a few fanboys all over the LinkedIn blog touting it but dig deeper for those asking for an installed application. How hard could it have been? You gotta think there’s more business types using LinkedIn than FB and more of them are on the crackberry, right?

facebook adds privacy tiers?

March 19, 2008

facebook adds privacy tiers

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Now I can finally show my mom pictures of the kids and not have her write XOXOXOs on my FB superwall that everyone else can see… hopefully.

I’ve been perplexed for some time now about which social media service to use for which purpose. Facebook is easily the best integrator of the services and their mobile client for Blackberry is solid. It makes it great for business and pleasure but not really both at the same time. When I logged on today I was greeted with this message that looks like it’s going to allow me to get more granular about what information I can make visible to specific people. I’ll have to dive in later but that’s a big feature hole being filled by Mr. Zuckerman, even if he doesn’t do good interviews at SXSW (or should be blame the interviewing journalist?).