Barry Reicherter
Barry is a husband, dad to three children (and two dogs), and digital marketeer. He created The Brand Barry to document his interactions with <insert brand names>, motivations from <insert brand names>, and reactions to <insert brand names> that result from coming into contact with brands other than himself. We are all brands of some sort, with expected user experiences, product naming, product packaging, even distribution channels. So this is one human’s attempt to capture his own personal brand interactions with the world of brands, whether they be people, companies or products. There’s also a soundtrack for his brand from independent artists and other musicians who’ve signed on to the Podsafe Music Network, which might be the most valuable thing you’ll get out of The Brand Barry.

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Professional Experience

With more than 15 years in product marketing and management, Barry creates authentic, effective digital marketing campaigns and programs for clients ranging from government agencies, to consumer brands, and non-profits at his employer, Widmeyer Communications. Before joining Widmeyer, Barry led Porter Novelli’s digital marketing group in Washington, D.C. With Barry at the helm, Porter Novelli’s digital marketing group produced results-driven, market leading, and award-winning digital marketing programs and campaigns for its clients.


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