Do Americans want companies to have more social (media)?

If you review the Opinion Research Corporation study for Cone in September, the answer is that 60% of those that use social media interact with companies on social networks.

6 out of 10 Americans think companies should have a social media presence

6 out of 10 Americans think companies should have a social media presence

There’s a bit of the preaching to the choir factor here as the respondents already used social networks but the important thing is that in a medium that’s all about interacting with people, that 6 out of 10 seems quite willing to invite companies into their social media activities.  In my last post about humanizing print and user experiences, this is somewhat validating for me.  We’re human and we prefer more human ways of getting and interacting with information and organizations.  Strike another one for the human factors professionals.

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One Response to “Do Americans want companies to have more social (media)?”

  1. kerrymg Says:

    I really don’t know on this one, I keep mentioning on my blog how much I distrust surveys, especially those that ask how much do you love the interweb to people via the interweb.

    I can think of a lot of people who are not interweb savvy, who think that the idea of social networks is a bit freaky and would probably find the idea of brands interacting on a personal basis on them very freaky indee.

    That said I do think that it’s a case of horses for courses, what everyone really wants is the ability to interact with brands in the way that they chose is best for them. We want the ability to be able to have and use different touch points and know that the experience will be the same and seamless. Which for some ppl will mean interacting mainly via social media methods, for others it will mean face to face or via the phone.

    Social media should be an extension of a brands customer care network, giving it a finer net to catch the happy or the mad customer and deal with it accordingly.

    Which is not too much to ask, though it does seeem to be beyond a lot of companies right now.

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