What happens when you ‘Share with note’ on Google Reader

I have raved about the Times RSS reader for OS X because of it’s beauty and most unique presentation of your feeds, but I can’t seem to ever leave Google Reader.  Part of the allure of Google Reader is features that can have nice positive impact on your workflow.  I plow through posts and can email, share and star as many as I like.  I use stars as a to-do of sorts, where I plan to re-blog it or spend some time checking out the subject of that post.  I guess that’s batch processing as Problogger describes it.  When I noticed the ‘Share with note” feature was added (or maybe I just noticed it) I was initially excited at the potential of that.  Sure you can put your Reader RSS in a widget on your blog sidebar, but spending so much time in Reader on a daily basis I hoped it might be something like automatic posting to your blog site, or maybe posting comments on that blogger’s site.  Instead it seemed the only thing it does is put your text in a block quote above the article you’re sharing on your Googler Reader public shared page.  Here’s mine.

I suppose it’s a fine feature and not everyone wants to be a blogger so I thought it might be a good way to ease clients into the idea of blogging.

Sure Ms. Client, why don’t you just get comfortable with Google Reader to see how others do it, then go ahead and start sharing articles, then go ahead and make comments on those articles you’re sharing.  Hey, guess what?  You’re blogging (sort of).  Now let’s try a real blog.

The letdown for me was that it didn’t seem like the Reader ‘Share with note’ feature did anything beyond that page.  Not even my Google Alerts picked up on my very smart and relevant comments to other people’s posts.  I had accepted it was a wasted experiment. Or so I thought.

This week the blogosphere seemed all whipped up over friendfeed.  First Rubel posted his love letter, then Jeremiah fires back, and off we go.  The debate spurred me to try the service out.  I wondered if it will wind up in the corner of my mind like half the other sites and networks I’ve registered for and not touched since I can’t remember (e.g. Plaxo).  Then, boom!  There it was.

I noticed my ‘Share with note’ comment showing up as a response to my shared Reader item feed I plugged into friendfeed.  After getting over the excitement that someone responded to me on friendfeed (well, it was me responding to me) I settled for happiness that my Reader ‘Share with note’ foray was not completely wasted.

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