Do bloggers really want blogger pitch events?

Air One (Edelman) Bogger Event on FB

Originally uploaded by The Brand Barry

It’s not the first time we’ve seen events geared for bloggers exclusively but this one in Boston for Edelman client Air One, a new Italian airline looks and smells like any other media event. Do you suppose there’s another similar event for “traditional” media? Which one happens first?

In my media buying days I certainly took up the free Mets tickets and invites to a meal (because a first year media planner’s salary was below the poverty level in 1989) and I can’t say it didn’t influence my purchase decisions — not a surprise to anyone in advertising.

Much like the M.O. of large media buying outfits that mostly see the Internet as a big impressions bucket, I think outreach to bloggers as a media tactic can and should go father than putting “blogger” in the event name and developing a media list of only bloggers to invite. Bloggers are probably networked as good or better than traditional media folks, but I think they might like being considered as simply “media” for events like this so why not just include them in a larger event. If you are going to target bloggers then go ahead and offer them new and interesting ways you can support their biggest desire — creating compelling content — hopefully with your client highly relevant.

Or, I’m just bitter I didn’t get an invite because I love those bacon-wrapped coconut-encrusted shrimp on a toothpick they usually have. Actually, anything wrapped in bacon is great.


2 Responses to “Do bloggers really want blogger pitch events?”

  1. Kerry G Says:

    I don’t want to say if you’re bitter or not due to bacon related jealousy, but you have a good point either way. Having one larger event makes sense for a few reasons, having two separate events makes it seem like they want bloggers to feel special. Which is surely a potential route to receiving accusations of bribery a la Microsfot and AMD laptop giveaway 2006.

  2. mediaczar Says:

    The problem only arises, I think, when you start worrying to which event you should invite the blogger from the NY Times. It’s a spectrum problem (at one end of the spectrum you have professional journalists – at the other you have LOLbloggers)

    But the way Edelman is doing this looks like it’s self-selecting, rather than invited. So that may solve the prob.

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