Twitter blog post has snippet lesson for customer support

Very late last night, Biz Stone posted a note to readers of the Twitter blog about turning off commenting a few days after a post.  His rationale is that most people will post a comment within that timeframe and it would help him keep up moderating comments as a regular task while keeping the spammers out.  Sounds logical enough, but the little lesson here is that he’s almost asking his readers if this is cool.


I viewed the post in Reader so I didn’t see return comments, but the tone of having a conversation instead of telling people what’s gonna happen whether they like it or not, does a better job and communicates an open dialog between Twitter and its readers/users.

For those that read this blog, would you mind if I close commenting on each update after 2-3 days? I’m using moderation because we were having a problem with spam comments. My thinking is that 2-3 days gives folks time to make their voice heard and then I don’t have to dedicate as much time to moderating the spam that ensues. Let me know what you think. Also, any other suggestions for how to manage comments are welcome.
Can you see the difference between say this customer support message and one from some huge infrastructure company that runs your mobile or land phone line?  Translation: I’m delivering your a service change message but I’m letting you know we have an open dialog about it.  Nice micro-lesson.


One Response to “Twitter blog post has snippet lesson for customer support”

  1. Business Card Translation Says:

    Turning off the comments is not a bad idea, if you can do it automatically.

    I agree, most people will respond to a blog posting within only a few days after posting.

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