Do creatives and media planners visit the outlets they advertise in?

Bad use of video ad in online mediumIt doesn’t look like Boeing’s agency bothered to check out the Washingtpost’s method of publishing video ads when they placed this spot in the today.  It was one of those typical series of close ups of weathered faces shots that huge companies and industry groups love to make.  “Tell congress to vote <insert answer> on H.R. <insert number>”  Sometimes that might resonate with folks, depending on what they’re saying.  But somewhere in the buying or planning or maybe even the creative production, nobody bothered to check to see how toothless the spot is when it appears on a portal like and by default does not play with sound on.  An opening title card such “in the words of our veterans” or something like that might’ve alerted me that these people were special and worth listening to.  Even worse the client’s name doesn’t appear until the last few frames.  The only reason I stayed on the page to watch was because it was such an obvious mismatch of creative for application.  Wash Post rep should’ve caught that too.


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One Response to “Do creatives and media planners visit the outlets they advertise in?”

  1. Matt Hanson Says:

    Good writing. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed my Google News Reader..

    Matt Hanson

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