Twitter the better blog research tool over Technorati?

Had one of those “file for future use” moments when I was trying to find out what folks were actively participating in social media related to K-12 and higher education.  I was doing this in preparation of joining Widmeyer Communications, a marketing and PR firm with an expertise in this arena. Now, back to my impromptu research…

Instead of turning to Google Blog Search or Technorati, I went straight to Twitter.  I don’t have any statistical data to back this up, but from a qualitative standpoint I did seem to find and connect with quite active people who authored blogs in the subject area.  My logic was that if you’re using Twitter in tandem with a blog, you’re a more avid social media contributor.  In less than an hour I was impressed with the thoughtfulness of the twits/bloggers I came across talking about education in both schools and colleges, a process I haven’t always been happy with other tools.


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