GWU Lecture Guest on Monday

GWU School of Public HealthA friend of mine (and former colleague) who is a professor at George Washington University’s School of Public Health asked me to drop by his class tomorrow evening to talk about some of the work we’ve done in this area using interactive and social media channels, either to raise awareness about an issue or change behavior.

Looking at his lecture outline I can see he’s already got a lot of good content to cover this subject area. It’s a reminder that our positions as specialists in digital marketing are always in a fleeting state of relevance. And that’s the way it should be. My best accomplishments in organizations have been in the role of change agent and I’ve never been comfortable with being maintenance mode. I think this is something shared with my peers out there. Our role in the marketing and communications world should always include a drive to spread knowledge and practice to our increasingly savvy non-digital peers until it just becomes part of being a marketeer. Remember, just before the title “webmaster” took hold there were teams of people and even specialists in big p.r. firms who’s job was manage the fax machines.

Tomorrow night I’m going to focus my discussion on search, but not the dark arts of SEO. Rather, how search can be an indicator of current conversation surrounding any health topic and how creating compelling and relevant content can reach your audiences or people who talk to your audiences. I’m going to utilize to as my leave behind for the class with the tag GWU.



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