LinkedIn launches mobile app, umm… WAPified version

I really like what Facebook has done with their Blackberry application. First, it’s a real application. It leverages all the inherent functionality of your device. I don’t need to be connected to use it (on a plane, subway, etc.). And the real test — I could almost live without the full experience on the Web and still get a lot of use from Facebook on just the mobile version.

So now we have LinkedIn entering the game with their mobile application. I’m getting ready to download a new app to my blackberry, but no. Oh, LinkedIn is giving me a URL. Must be to get download the app from there directly to the unit — awsome. Can’t wait. Ugh. Hey, there is no application. It’s just a stripped down Web page version. Looks pretty on iPhone but pretty bland on Blackberry (or any non iPhone I suspect). Plus it’s slow as a new bottle of Heinz Ketchup in a mobile browser (as is any mobile web based app). There’s a few fanboys all over the LinkedIn blog touting it but dig deeper for those asking for an installed application. How hard could it have been? You gotta think there’s more business types using LinkedIn than FB and more of them are on the crackberry, right?


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