facebook adds privacy tiers?

facebook adds privacy tiers

Originally uploaded by The Brand Barry

Now I can finally show my mom pictures of the kids and not have her write XOXOXOs on my FB superwall that everyone else can see… hopefully.

I’ve been perplexed for some time now about which social media service to use for which purpose. Facebook is easily the best integrator of the services and their mobile client for Blackberry is solid. It makes it great for business and pleasure but not really both at the same time. When I logged on today I was greeted with this message that looks like it’s going to allow me to get more granular about what information I can make visible to specific people. I’ll have to dive in later but that’s a big feature hole being filled by Mr. Zuckerman, even if he doesn’t do good interviews at SXSW (or should be blame the interviewing journalist?).


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