Donnie’s not so Big Idea of brand conversation

Just checking into the W Hotel Union Square and I’m pleasantly surprised by the adequately sized room (not common for W’s in NYC) and actual HD channels on the HD tv.  Unfortunately, the first show I come upon is Donnie Deustch The Big Idea.  You’d think one of the leaders of the advertising world would take some cues from his brethren and hop on the social media bandwagon.  Well, he does try… sort of.  His version of CGM is a segment of the show called Million Dollar Question.  Think of it as the comments section where people get a chance to pepper Donnie with questions related to their business or an idea for a business.  Good ole Donnie lost his chance to be somewhat conversational when he completely scripts the spontaneous  questions, complete with props to support his answers.


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One Response to “Donnie’s not so Big Idea of brand conversation”

  1. Jason Dragon Says:

    That part is very scripted. These videos are weeks or months old. Also he makes them all the same low quality. I can not belive that everyone who sends a video has bad video and audio, they must add that in.

    But much of the show is really good. The first part of each show is VERY conversational. All in all this is one of the best shows for people trying to start of grow their small business.

    Jason Dragon

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