links for 2008-02-08


One Response to “links for 2008-02-08”

  1. Dave Kawalec Says:

    Regarding Yahoo! vs YouTube video, if video or audio quality are of prime importance, Yahoo is the way to go. A client’s ethereal goal of making a video “go viral” isn’t any more or less likely with either service. YouTube has more people hitting their site, but the sheer mass of content also makes it much less likely that someone will casually stumble across any one video. If it’s worth seeing, people will pass it around – and if it’s REALLY worth seeing, people will rip it and re-post to YouTube for you 15 times anyway.

    The question of whether or not video or audio quality actually matters to people, especially those looking to sites like YouTube or Yahoo for their content, is still a matter up for intense philosophical debate. I always think of the family friend who, when I was switching back and forth between the same football game in HD and standard def, could not see *any difference whatsoever*. Probably an extreme example, but still eyeopening.

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