Windows Media Player Doesn’t Want Brand Barry

If one produces a media player you would think they would want to get it in the hands (and desktops) of as many people as they can. Not so for Microsoft and their Windows Media Player 11 for XP and Vista. Tried to install their version 11 of the player on my Thinkpad running Ubunto/Wine only to be confronted with a Windows Genuine gatekeeper.


Have they made some calculation in Redmond that Windows Media Player 11 will never stand a chance of luring me over to their OS, so there’s no point in letting me use the software unless I pony up for Vista? Oh well, on to QuickTime I guess.


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2 Responses to “Windows Media Player Doesn’t Want Brand Barry”

  1. Anonymous Cowherd Says:

    You should grab a copy of VLC which should be in the software repository that comes with Kubuntu. And what it won’t play MPlayer will!

  2. Paul Vogelzang Says:

    Yet another bug with Vista, which seems to be “unfriendly” with iTunes, too. Check out this telling YouTube video:

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